Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Red Light District: A Glimpse

The Red Light District of Amsterdam. We walked down the main roads and narrow alleys, suppressing emotions of anger and deep disgust. Women, all trapped beyond their glass windows. Their bodies clad in next to nothing. Their faces caked in make-up to hide their tired eyes and beaten cheeks. Parents casually strolled hand in hand with their children, glancing at the women with little interest. Teenagers stopped to gawk. A young girl fixed her mascara in the reflection of an occupied window, seeing only herself and no one inside. Men briskly walked out of the rooms after paying 50 Euros for a body. For pleasure. For an insatiable and unattainable satisfaction.

Those women are laughed at by insensitive and oblivious tourists. Those women are perused and shopped like shoes and purses and light, summer dresses.

So what would I say to that woman in the window? I would tell her that although she may never meet them, she has advocates. Although she may never feel it, she is not alone. Although it may never be manifested in her liberation, there is hope. There is life beyond those windows. There is something more than either of us knows. We are both searching together. We are both looking for worth, value, meaning and, ultimately, love. She is not alone in her suffering. Look around! The whole world is crying out for liberation and redemption. We are all needy and broken. And so I will walk with her. Because I am her.

So join us in the abolition of men, women and children around the world who need you to be aware.

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carina said...

I think you are doing amazing things and anyone you speak to there will be better for it.

In completely unrelated news, and becuase I wasn't sure where else to put it, I will be working at Bayer! Even though it wasn't my first choice, I'm getting excited.

katherine ebling said...

molly. this is freaking beautiful. you are one wise kid. you challenge me in sweet ways. love ya.

. said...

Molly, I love your heart and what you express. Come back soon - our floor is just wide enough to put the mattresses on the floor - so we can still share a bed on the nights we want to.