Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Meet Rosalinda

Meet Rosalinda. Lauren and I taught her when she was two and three, and she is pretty much one of the most darling children in the world. And I think I can claim that, as I've met a lot of children around the world.
Rosalinda was picking flowers near my house the first Sunday I was in Amedzofe. I saw her and my heart leapt. It was the first time I had seen one of my old students... one of my chillens! But I knew not to expect much because she probably wouldn't remember me. She was so young.
Darling Rosalinda looked up at me, with flowers in the pockets of her dress and in a tight bouquet wrapped with her little hands. Her eyes grew wide and big as she boisterously yelled "Teacha!" and ran at me full speed. She jumped up into my arms and kissed me and hugged me and gave me flowers.
Up until this moment I had been going through a very dark, loneliness... but the second that girl jumped into my arms and giggled with delight that her old, white teacher was holding her and tickling her yet again... that loneliness vanished. She came to visit me every day after school and I caught glimpses of how mature and wise a five year old can truly be.
This may be cheesy and overly sensitive to you, virtual friends, but that's okay with me. It is really for Lauren and Lesley, and it's for those who like sweet stories. So deal, mmk?


Lauren said...

ah jeeze, mols, you sure do know how to make a girl tear up.

Lesley Watson said...

She looks just the same. Absolutely beautiful, maybe a little taller.

Reading this entry just makes me think of afternoons on the porch when you and LK would do impersonations for me to guess. Let's play that game right now, ok?